Clinic Visit type
​Vitality Virtual Clinic
Open weekdays 9 AM-5 PM
After hour appointments available with pre-arrangement 
(951) 565-8250

Vitality Virtual Clinic Services
​"I began to feel better the moment my health care provider walked through my door! I felt like a VIP! I was seen in my home without the hassle of getting to the clinic fighting traffic while sick."

Traditional House-Calls

*$20. Transportation fee assessed for locations greater than 20miles from practice
**Does not include cost of consults, referrals, specialists, off-site lab fees and off-site diagnostic tests
PCP=Primary Care Provider/ Primary Health Provider/ Assigned Provider
EHR= Electronic Health Record/ Patient Chart
HRA= Health Risk Assessment 

Telemedicine HouseCalls
"I was able to discuss my lab results with my PCP durig my work lunch break... wihout calling off from work!"
First time visit: $60.  
plus On-site lab fees

Subsequent visit $50. plus On-site lab fees

"Telemedicine House-calls was great! The nurse came to my home, perfomed the work-up and uploaded it to my electronic health record. My doctor showed me a couple of pictures of my eardrum and throat, diagnosed me and my prescription was waiting for me to pick up at my local pharmacy!"
e-Visit HouseCall

Telemedicine or e-Visit $150.* 
Nurse work-up with EHR upload to PCP. Includes Onsite-labs

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Mobile-Medicine $300.*
Traditional House-Calls $400.*
personal PCP visit & work-up. Includes Onsite-labs

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On-site labs/tx/procedures:  
Urinalysis- $10.
Hemogram Hgb/HCT- $10.
Pregnancy test- $10.
Blood glucose- $10.
Quick Strep- $10.
Med/Nebulizer- $10.
Peak flow- no charge
Oxygen Saturation- no charge
Percussion- no charge
Ear lavage- no charge

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